$10 Million In Fugazi Phones Seized In Brooklyn Warehouse

$10 Million In Fugazi Phones Seized In Brooklyn Warehouse

Bootleg phones are the topic here. Recently, a warehouse in Brooklyn was raided, which housed fugazi smart phones was raided. Inside, a bounty of fake horns worth $10 million was discovered.

The bust was the culmination of a nine month investigation. The authorities grew were tipped off by a suspect package that
came in through JFK Airport. According to the NY Daily News, the cops swarmed a “nondescript cell phone store in Brooklyn fronted for a secret warehouse filled with millions of dollars in counterfeit electronics.” Two spots were blitzed in total: a Sheepshead Bay cell phone shop on Coney Island Ave by Ave. R and a building on Highlawn Ave.. The thousands of phones seized were knockoff Samsung and Apple phones. $71 racks were also seized by the boys. Three men, ages ages 23, 24 and 27, were arrested and taken into custody.

Counterfeit electronics is one of the most lucrative rackets in the world, raking in a whopping $169 billion dollars per year. In fact, only counterfeit drugs and prostitution top it. Now, this this number includes every bootleg electronic from batteries to software. In 2013, 8% of all mobile devices sold worldwide were substandard or counterfeit.

Make sure everything is good with your mobile device. Clearly, cell phone shops are selling bootleg phones.

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