15 TNT Members Locked Up In Philly

15 TNT Members Locked Up In Philly

Law enforcement in Philadelphia is celebrating a sizable gang bust in the city. Fifteen members of TNT (an acronym for Tenth N’ Thompson Street in North Philly) were rounded up for a string pf violent acts, starting in 2014.

It all started on February night in 2014. A TNT was in a North Philly bar, watching an NBA game on TV, when he felt disrespected by members of the “Dirty Block gang.” This spawned a dispute between the two crews over the next five months. The 15 TNT members arrested were knocked for “wreaking havoc” on their neighborhood, to the tune of nine shootings and one homicide. “The people of North Philadelphia deserve better,” said District Attorney Seth Williams.

According to

Williams said prosecutors on the city’s gun violence task force – a joint effort of the District Attorney’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office – launched a grand jury investigation into the TNT organization in late 2014, after a months-long string of violence near Temple University.

With help from the Police Department’s homicide, criminal intelligence, and firearms investigations units, the probe was able to more deeply examine the series of crimes, Williams said, rather than focusing on each one on its own. Investigators scoured suspected gang members’ Twitter and Facebook accounts for links, for example, and listened to recorded phone conversations of members already in jail.

“We were gathering all this intelligence now that just didn’t exist before,” he said.

Some of those tactics showed that gang members boasted about violence on social media, Williams said. If a TNT member had hit a target with six bullets or more, for example, it was described as “passing a test,” according to Williams.

The shootings spanned from February 15 to June 22, 2014. In the last one, 24-year-old Donte Johnson was killed outside of Galaxy Lounge. He was allegedly misidentified by TNT members as a member of Dirty Block. Law enforcement seized a total of ten guns throughout the course of the investigation.

The following is a complete list of the TNT members arrested and what they are charged with (according to ABC):

Criminal Conspiracy:
– Samir Akines (DOB: 10/29/1984)

-Amir Crippen (DOB: 7/23/1994)
-Kareem Grant (DOB: 10/23/1990)
-Rashad Hall (DOB: 1/24/1995)
-Vincent McClenney (DOB: 2/9/1988)
-Gregory Nash (DOB: 9/15/1988)
-Tyreese Scott (DOB: 5/22/1987)
-Ali Williams (DOB: 2/5/1987)
-Hamin Williams, Sr. (DOB: 5/10/1978)

-Rashad Holcomb (DOB: 9/2/1988): Criminal Conspiracy, Murder, Possession of a Firearm Prohibited, Carrying a Firearm Without a License, Carrying a Firearm in Philadelphia and Possession of an Instrument of Crime

Criminal Conspiracy and Murder:
-Curshawn Banks (DOB: 8/3/1989)
-Evette Brooks (DOB: 7/14/1981)

-Maurice Muldrow (DOB: 9/14/1989): Criminal Conspiracy, Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault, Carrying a Firearm Without a License, Carrying a Firearm in Philadelphia and Possession of an instrument of Crime

Criminal Conspiracy, Possession of a Firearm Prohibited, Carrying a Firearm Without a License and Carrying a Firearm in Philadelphia:
-Christopher McClutchen (DOB: 3/13/1993)
-Hamin Williams, Jr. (DOB: 10/17/1996)

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