Heroin Bust Results In 24 Charged In North Carolina

Heroin Bust Results In 24 Charged In North Carolina

Heroin is seemingly sweeping the United States at an epidemic rate. High Point, North Carolina is no different. Officials there are especially concerned about the growing number of heroin overdoses in the city. This year, High Point residents have made 94 heroin overdose calls. There have been 11 heroin-related deaths resulting from those calls.

This led to a large scale undercover investigation into the source of the city’s heroin problem. Starting in May, undercovers copped dope in various locations from different people. As a result, 24 people have been charged with various infractions. A total of 419 grams of heroin (said to be worth $83,000) have been seized during the course of the sting. Of the 24 charged, 19 have been arrested so far.

Those arrested are male or female aged between 52 and 19 years of age and range in demographic The charges range from possession of heroin with intent to sell or deliver, trafficking, maintaining a dwelling or vehicle for distribution of a controlled substance and school zone infractions. Some of those arrested were also hit with cocaine charges. Five are still wanted on outstanding charges.

Visit WGHP FOX 8‘s list of those arrested

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