$4.1 Million In Cash & 3 Kilos Of Heroin Seized In Bronx Raid

$4.1 Million In Cash & 3 Kilos Of Heroin Seized In Bronx Raid

Another day, another drug bust. Yesterday, in the Bronx, NYC, three men–Nelson DeJesus, Miguel Angeles and Jorge Pizarro– were arrested after $4.1 million in cash and three kilos of heroin were seized during a raid.

The raid was on a storage facility. The authorities found a good amount of wooden furniture and a U-Haul truck. The cash and dope was hidden in compartments inside the furniture. The drugs allegedly came from a Mexican drug organization and was meant for sale in New York and Lawrence, MA. According to NBC News:

Authorities say HSI and DEA agents monitored monthly shipments of “furniture” in and out of a storage facility at 1037 Zerega Ave. In the raid, agents found two end tables that contained much of the cash and drugs.

The three kilos of heroin could have been sold in over 900,000 pockets on the street, according to officials.

Reports say that the crew used fox urine to mask the smell of the drugs. Bottles of fox urine was found in a Dodge Caravan belonging to one of the suspects.

The three men arrested have denied any wrongdoing. The authorities are probing possible ties to Texas and which Mexican cartel was the plug.

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