5 Smartest Rappers

5 Smartest Rappers

5 Smartest Rappers

Rap or Hip-Hop music has always been a style of music that relates to Black Americans, as it involves freestyle mixing and loud beats and rhythms. It is actually a dialect of African Music when Africans and Americans, who are today famous for writing jobs more, came together to create music in its own unique way called as Rap. This music form started in the late 60s but got a boom in late 80s and 90s, and some of the rappers became the Gods of Rap music.

  • Illogic

A true hip-hop intellectual who stayed obscure, but people loved him and his words. He is always well detailed in his language and is unparalleled in diction. Big and heavy words when mixed with the right rhythm and beat make you an intellectual rapper. His knowledge is shown in his quotes were on one side, he quotes Shakespeare and on other side religion and science. His lyrics are spectacular as his music. He is one of the gems of the rap industry.

  • Saul Williams

A poet turned into a hip-hop artist. This attribute gave his rap music more depth as he wrote more about social and political issues than personal, and all this was always covered artfully with his beautiful words. His music changed people’s view for the hip-hop music from being just loud beats to full of meaning and agenda.

  • El-P

In the 90s a group called Company Flow was formed by El-P, and it was a full gangster style rap that was full of violence and fierce attitude. It wasn’t that their graphics were bad, but their style was full of pride and defiance. Even when EL-P went solo, the lyrics were quite abstract, which always sounded like something from sci-fi film or adventure. But his music was one of a kind for the ones who listen with depth.

  • Eyedea & Abilities

This guy is no longer with us, but his mesmerizing words are still the best choice of DJs. He didn’t rap about the usual things, but mostly he rapped philosophical themes, social economics, and immorality of the world. He always kept his narrative clear. His style caught dedicated followers who engaged their time listening and admiring his music.

  • Kool Keith

An oddball rapper, whose words were strangely literate and vulgar, and were on many occasions just nonsense, but still, he was captivating and catching among his audiences. He was a man who played with strong body language, even at the time his audios only would deliver his expressions to its listeners. His lyrics were always an intelligent one, and that made him really an intellectual rapper. He has performed under many pseudonyms, one of them was famous Dr. Octagon.

To conclude, rap music has inspired many people and has always brought not only joy and happiness to its listener, but also have uncovered many taboos and social issues that one does not talk or sing about due to its normally abstract style of lyrics. This form of music will for sure bring on many more innovators and will open up many more ways to express one’s thought. As one of my essay geek writers has said that hip-hop music is not only about loud sounds, but it is about the depth that is under the loud splash of waves.   



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