52 Alleged Members Of Taliban & Westside Bloods Sets Taken Down By “Operation Bloodline”

52 Alleged Members Of Taliban & Westside Bloods Sets Taken Down By “Operation Bloodline”

The state of California has long been known as a breeding ground for gang activity. The Golden State is home to about 100,000 street and prison gangs. The city of Stockton, the county seat of San Joaquin County in north−central Cali, is no different from other sections. Back in September, 76 members of the Nuestra Familia affiliated Triple-6 Gangsters were rounded up in an investigation linked to Operation Ceasefire. The authorities in Stockton followed that up with the mass bust of supposed members of the Taliban and Westside Bloods sets on Wednesday.

Stockton PD personnel served 27 warrants , which resulted in the arrests of 52 alleged gangsters. This was part of an investigation named “Operation Bloodline,” which lasted over a course of months. The Taliban and Westside Bloods are said to be “two of the city’s most violent gangs.” Those arrested “are responsible for some of the most violent crimes in the city,” according to law enforcement. In addition to the arrests, police also seized “22 illegal guns, $12,000 in cash and 41 pounds of marijuana.”

The laws’ job still isn’t finished yet. According to FOX40:

All of the evidence is now in the hands of the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s office. They said during their last operation they convicted at least 90 percent to 95 percent of suspected gang members.

Jones said they know they’ve made an impact, but it will take more time, more effort, more missions to bring the City of Stockton complete peace.

“Grateful for the success of this project and most importantly, we’re grateful that we can tell this neighborhood that their children can play outside,” said District Attorney Tori Verber-Salazar of San Joaquin County.

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