The screenplay begins: A humid spring afternoon masks the chaotic scene playing out front of a row house in West Philadelphia. Police, in riot gear surround a particular house and fire trucks are seen nearby. A Philadelphia police lieutenant gives the order to drop a bomb on the top of the house after being informed the rooftop was fortified. The residents inside had traded gunfire with the police earlier and the lieutenant was now making the decision to drop the bomb.

Within minutes of the bomb being dropped, and inferno ensued, eventually setting fire to 60 other homes, leaving approximately 250 homeless. The bomb resulted in the fiery deaths of 11 in the targeted home, including 5 children. One child and one adult make it out of the bombed building, each suffering severe burns.

The Producers balk at this depiction. Even the seasoned action moviemaker does not see any realism in this scenario. He rhetorically questions, “Who will believe this? We can have The Rock kill 85 people by himself in a remake of “Commando”, and that would be more believable to the public then the idea that a city police official in the United States would order and allow a bomb to be dropped on other Americans knowing there were kids in the building… No one will believe that could ever happen…”

I tell the producer the story is not fictional… This has already happened in America. READ MORE

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