6 Philadelphia Prison Guards Indicted For Smuggling Drugs & Cells Phones

6 Philadelphia Prison Guards Indicted For Smuggling Drugs & Cells Phones

It’s a well-known fact that inmates in correctional facilities aren’t allowed to have certain things while locked down. Drugs and cell phones have got to be at the top of the list of contraband in jails and prisons across the country. The prohibition of these items do not stop convicts from recruiting people on the outside to smuggle stuff in. To really guarantee delivery of your contraband, a correctional officer on your team would be a good start. Today, six  CO’s (four current and two former) in Philadelphia stand indicted of smuggling drugs and cell phones in the city’s jails, like Curran-Fromhold on State Road.

Authorities noticed a spike in smuggled contraband in Philly’s correctional facilities. They can’t have that, so an investigation was launched to find the source. A sting was set up, in which law enforcement was assisted by inmates acting as federal informants. These informants approached the guards, offering them $500 to $1,500 to scoop up OxyContin pills and cell phones from their friends and bring them into  the facility. John Wesley Herder (CFCF), Bryant Fields (Detention Center), George Kindle (House of Corrections), Marc Thompson (House of Corrections), Joseph Romano (Riverside) and Dupree Myers (CFCF) were caught and charged with attempted extortion and attempted distribution of controlled substances. The pills were said to be placebos, so no actual drugs were smuggled in.

Three of the six entered pleas of not guilty yesterday. The three others will make their pleas when they are arraigned next week. Thompson’s attorney, Jack McMahon, didn’t sound hopeful. He told Philly’s 6ABC:

“Obviously, it’s a serious case and people shouldn’t be bringing those types of things into the prison and we are fully aware of that, but we don’t have enough information right now to indicate we’re going to go as far as defending this case,”


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