It is seen as a universal truth that cardio workouts are for weight loss while lifting weights is for bodybuilding. But is this really the truth? Is there something that people need to know about which is better for weight loss?

According to many experienced fitness experts, weightlifting can be used to lose fat. In fact, doing it in the appropriate way can even be a better option than cardio. Some people choose to enhance its effectiveness through the use of steroids like Winstrol to burn even more fat. So, let us look at the battle between these forms of exercise.

How Cardio Burns Fat

People who go to  the gym to lose weight, especially women will mostly use cardio machines such as the elliptical trainer and treadmill. The furthest they go in terms of weightlifting are some presses but they will rarely do deadlifts. They leave those to the intimidating bodybuilders who are more serious about bulking up or preparing for tournaments.

Cardio workouts will start burning excess fat after merely minutes of continuous workout. However,  this process is not always rapid and can be slower for certain people and may need more time. For example, for those with little time for the gym, it will take longer to see positive results. The bottom line is that these exercises are soft and the results are not that major.

Upon stopping cardio, the body will come back to normal operations a few minutes later, especially the heart rate. You probably will cease to burn calories about five minutes after your cardio workouts. Therefore, cardio will give effective results as a long-term strategy which needs persistence, consistency, and determination.

How Weightlifting Burns Fat

On the other hand, weightlifting can also be effectively used by both men and women to burn fat. But how does this happen? Let us look at a few ways why this leads to more efficient fat loss.

Weightlifting will burn more calories on a short-term basis. All you need is a few days of lifting weight and the effects will be visible. After completing a single weightlifting session, you will feel that your body has changed. Your muscles will become sore, for first timers, or stiffness will kick in. This is an indication that the whole body has been used properly.

Another moment when weightlifting facilitates fat loss occurs even after the workout is complete. Unlike the cardio, when the fat loss ceases soon after the end of the workout, experts say that there is still fat burning process when resting following a weightlifting session; the body’s cells and metabolism have already been triggered to continue working. This means a double weight loss process.

Weightlifting is a great way of reshaping your total body. You can easily target specific areas like the arms and the thighs to give them a thorough workout. When doing this, it is important to ask your instructor for guidance.


From the above highlights, the most efficient fat loss exercise type is evident . Weightlifting is a more effective way for you to lose weight fast and reshape your body. This is an option should want to consider a new fitness resolution.


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