7 Killed and “20” Injured in Prison Massacre

7 Killed and “20” Injured in Prison Massacre



Prisons are known to be some of the most violent places. Obviously you would expect that since that some of the most violent individuals in society are sent to prison to either be reformed, rehabilitated, or languish in perpetuity until their last day. However, as violent as prisons can potentially be, no one expects a full massacre to jump off. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened at a South Carolina Prison.

Lee County, located in Bishopville, S.C. is South Carolina’s largest maximum-security prison, and has long been one of South Carolina’s most violent prisons. (An officer was taken hostage just last year.) On Sunday,  a riot erupted that lasted for 7 hours straight. The official word is that seven prisoners were killed while 20 prisoners were severely injured, as the officers left the pod and allowed the gladiators to go to war for seven straight hours. Officers felt threatened and had to flee to safety while they awaited backup to come from Columbia (because the prisoners are immune to their mace.)


That’s the official word.

As a former resident of the South Carolina Department of “Corruptions”, I still have ties there and I have been getting reports from the front lines that somewhat contradict what the news has been reporting. First, there were a lot more people injured than just 20. Keep in mind that violence is so prevalent in prison, that it is not even reported sometimes unless someone has to get airlifted or require serious medical attention. I have seen video from the massacre that illustrates just how wild things were. Inmates were wielding lawn mower blades bigger than Excalibur while trying to kick in a room door on one video. Another video showed a man – who was not reported among the casualties – on the floor in a pool of blood face-down. Other photos revealed body stacked on top of bodies.

Regardless of the conflicting reports, one thing is for sure, a lot of people lost their lives and some changes has to be made. The prison Director recently announced that the incident stemmed from a cell phone and that he has employed a new cell phone jamming umbrella to deter from cell phone use. We will see if that works. In the meantime, the Department of Corruptions remain locked down statewide as investigators pick up the pieces and rebuild from the carnage.

For all aspiring thugs who still don’t get it, if you out in these streets, this could eventually be your abode. One of the casualties was scheduled to be released next year…. Ask yourself, is it worth it?

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