86-Year-Old Woman Given Probation For Bank Robbery

86-Year-Old Woman Given Probation For Bank Robbery

Legendary jewel thief Doris Payne isn’t the only woman at 86 years of age pulling off heists. A couple months ago, 86-year-old Emily Coakley pulled one off, too, by robbing a bank. Today, she is breathing a sigh of relief after a court ruled that she will only serve probation for the crime.

On November 21, Coakley felt as though a West Philadelphia bank had shorted her $400. She entered the bank with her walker and a revolver. She demanded that the tellers she approached give her $400. She didn’t escape, though. Police were on the scene immediately and arrested her.

According to Philly’s FOX 29, Coakley pleaded guilty to lesser charges of¬†possession of an instrument of crime and simple assault. More serious charges, including robbery and theft were withdrawn. She was given a year of probation. Prosecutors noted her health issues and the fact that the gun was not loaded as factors in the plea deal for non-reporting probation.

Watch the original report of Coakley’s robbery below:

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