A Confidential Informant Gave Up Information On Tekashi 6ix9ine & Treyway

A Confidential Informant Gave Up Information On Tekashi 6ix9ine & Treyway

The big news in hip-hop today is the RICO case against up-and-coming Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine and other members of the Treyway crew. Along with 6ix9ine, his former manager Kifano “Shottie” Jordan, former associate Crippy and Mel Murda, formerly of Byrdgang, have all been indicted on charges of racketeering and gun possession as members of Treyway/Nine Trey Bloods. Yesterday (November 26), 6ix9ine pleaded not-guilty to six charges in Manhattan Federal Court.

There was a lot made of the fact that the rainbow-haired rapper was transferred from the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn to a facility that houses informants in Queens when TMZ reported it. That seemed to be a security move since he was allegedly in danger. 6ix9ine’s plea of not guilty suggests that he is keeping his mouth shut on matters, but it has been revealed that there was a confidential informant mingling amongst the Treyway clique. Vulture reports that Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Longyear made the revelation during the arraignment. According to him, the rat in the crew made recordings that will be used during the trial. On top of that, a good number 6ix9ine’s controversial social media posts will also be used against him, Longyear said. “It’s quite voluminous,” explained Longyear about the social media evidence. After the proceedings, Shottie is on record saying, “We don’t fall. We don’t bend. We don’t break.”

Judge Paul Engelmayer set the trial of Tekashi 6ix9ine for September 4, 2019. The embattled rapper will be sitting behind bars until that date. It may be a while before 6ix9ine puts it out new music if he’s convicted (he’s facing 30+ years), but to hold fans over, his album DUMMY BOY was leaked. It was originally supposed to drop last Friday (November 23) but was delayed due to 6ix9ine’s arrest. Though the album was taken off of the rapper’s website, it is still available elsewhere.

Watch here to see how Rudy Giuliani pioneered using the RICO statute against organized crime.

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  1. The game just ain’t the same, may God protect all of these brothers. They all had the chance to turn their lives around once they started making money off of entertainment. If it’s not to late if they all are given 2nd chances they should use all of their lives to do good. The origins of gangs were meant to protect people in their neighborhoods from outsiders, teach the youth how to read & help feed people in their own communities. The true purpose of gangs & our Hiphop culture in general has been lost due too so much nonsense, useless violence or people that love to see people in our culture go to war. With all of those people on Youtube yapping about other people beefs by making videos like they were there are exactly the one’s creating the problem. It’s time to find a solution to this problem & that is for our culture to stop supporting this ratchet era.

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