All The Gucci Mane Tunes You’ll Ever Need Before ‘Everybody Looking’ [4,000 Hours Of Music]

All The Gucci Mane Tunes You’ll Ever Need Before ‘Everybody Looking’ [4,000 Hours Of Music]

There may not be a harder working artist (pound-for-pound) than Gucci Mane. Even while locked up, Guwop managed to drop more projects than some artists will release in their entire careers. The fruits of Gucci Mane’s labor comes in the form of mixtapes and albums (even videos while on house arrest). Thanks to streaming service Spotify, 4,000 hours of Gucci Mane LaFlare’s music is available to tide you over until his new official album, Everybody Looking drops in a few days (July 22).

According to Pigeons & Planes:

Historically, Guwop’s primary medium for new music has been the mixtape, which he has been known to drop with little or no warning, sometimes in thematically-linked groups of two or more. It is on these tapes where Gucci is his most original and forward-thinking, and his discography proves that his wellspring of creativity is far from drying up. For example, while Gucci was incarcerated from May of 2014 to May of 2016, he managed to release something like 25 unique mixtapes, reportedly earning more than $1.3 million from prison in 2014 alone.

This prolific output is nothing new for Guwop, who, since his debut with 2005’s Trap House, has released around 130 unique albums and mixtapes on Spotify. Take a stroll over to Gucci’s Spotify profile for an idea of this man’s work ethic; he has so much music that you could listen non-stop from today until the day Everybody Looking drops—that’s 24 hours a day, for over a week—and not repeat a song. And that’s just including the music Spotify has to offer—if unofficial mixtapes and certain collaborative projects are included, the total number of tracks would exceed 4,000. Truly mind blowing.

Across those 130 projects lie some of the most original and creative rap releases of the 21st century. Start at the beginning with Trap House for a sampling of the sounds that pioneered the trap genre—some other highlights along the way includeThe State vs. Radric Davis, The Movie, Trap God, and Glo17.

Check out the ultimate Gucci Mane playlist below:

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