Alleged B-More Kingpin Challenges Authorities To Prove He Was Running Heroin Ring From DC Jail

Alleged B-More Kingpin Challenges Authorities To Prove He Was Running Heroin Ring From DC Jail

It is Richard Byrd’s contention that he made his money as event promoter, who has held functions featuring music artists and professional athletes. The laws say that Byrd was the kingpin of an interstate drug organization that moved massive quantities of weed and cocaine. For the latter accusations, Byrd has been sitting jail in Washington, DC, since 2014. However, according to the prosecution, Byrd hasn’t been sitting on his hands while locked up. They allege that he has been calling the shots for a heroin ring and interfering with witnesses from behind the wall.

Byrd and his defense team are acting proactively in response to these accusations. According to the Baltimore Sun, Byrd’s attorney, David Solomon, has filed paperwork asking the authorities prove that he has been orchestrating a heroin ring and contacting witnesses “‘in an effort to sway or’ intimidate” them from the Central Treatment Facility in Southeast DC. Byrd has been on lockdown since March 30 due to these allegations. Solomon wrote, “The defendant is requesting a hearing on this matter to force the United States Attorney’s Office to provide concrete and verifiable intelligence that Mr. Byrd has violated rules and regulations at the Central Treatment Facility, to wit, that he has engaged in a heroin distribution ring within the institution and/or that he had a role in reaching out to the as yet unidentified witness.”

The charges Byrd was facing before were serious enough. The police had been on the trail of him and others in his alleged organization since 2009. The Sun writes:

Prosecutors say he headed an organization that obtained drugs from suppliers in Arizona, Texas and California and sold them in Maryland, Ohio, Georgia and elsewhere.

They say the organization used freight companies to ship drugs across country and laundered proceeds through banks and businesses.

The prosecution is pushing for the judge to order Byrd to forfeit $1 million and nine vehicles. Byrd alleges misconduct by prosecutors and police during the investigation.

The five other co-defendants charged with Byrd have pleaded guilty. Rasan Byrd was sentenced to 14 years in  the feds, Maurice Jones was sentenced to seven years and Richard Drummond caught two years. The two remaining co-defendants, Kimberly Reid and James Bowie, are awaiting sentencing.

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