‘American Gangster’ Prequel Starring Forest Whitaker In Development

‘American Gangster’ Prequel Starring Forest Whitaker In Development

‘American Gangster’ made quite a splash when it hit the big screen in 2007. The Ridley Scott film followed the career of 1970’s Harlem heroin kingpin Frank Lucas (played by Denzel Washington) and Richie Roberts (played by Russell Crowe), the cop who worked diligently to bring him down. The movie snagged three Golden Globe nominations including Best Drama and two Oscar noms including a Best Supporting Actress win for Ruby Dee.

Now, Narcos co-creator Chris Brancato is developing a prequel to ‘American Gangster’ called ‘The Godfather of Harlem.’ This film will center Harlem boss Bumpy Johnson, Frank Lucas’ mentor. The film, set in the 1960’s, will star Oscar winner Forest Whitaker as Bumpy.

Screen Rant reports Brancato as saying, “It’s Harlem, the 1960s, a gangster named Bumpy Johnson was very close friends with Malcolm X, so the show is about the collision of the criminal underworld and the civil rights movement. It’s an opportunity to examine some of the things that are going on racially right now, but through the prism of the past.”

Watch here to learn more about Bumpy Johnson.

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