Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz Reveal The Tracklist For Their Upcoming Album ‘Mona Lisa’

Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz Reveal The Tracklist For Their Upcoming Album ‘Mona Lisa’

Detroit-based producer Apollo Brown has been on quite a run as of late. His projects–which have featured the likes of Ghostface Killah, Rass Kass, Planet Asia and OC–have really captured the solo producer/solo rapper vibe in a major way. Now, on the heels of his No Question EP with Locksmith,  he’s back at it. This go-round, Apollo will have beloved veteran rhyme-spitter Joell Ortiz riding shotgun on their collab album, Mona Lisa, through the Mello Music Group. If the title implies what the duo has in store, it is sure to be a true work of art when it is released on October 26.

“In my ears, this is what the painting Mona Lisa sounds like,” Apollo Brown told Billboard, as he spoke n the album. “The music is straightforward. That’s all I ask for when I’m the listener, so that’s all I give when I’m the creator. No bullshit. None. I provided the canvas, and Joell provided the honest brushstrokes. This album is a relatable body of work that everyone can listen to and appreciate. It’s growth within a gold frame. Open your ears and enjoy.”

The lead single off of the project is a track titled “Decisions.” Ortiz said that the track is about an “actual period” in his life. It was during this time that I was consumed by the streets, but fascinated with the idea of being a rapper,” he said to Billboard. “I was dealing with certainty and uncertainty. I had one foot in the booth and one foot on the corner. The corner fed my family, but the booth fed my soul. As you all know, I ended up leaving the hustle alone and pursuing a music career.” He added, “It all worked out. Thank God! But this song best describes exactly how I felt during that time and shows you just how much of a battle it actually was to come to what I know now as the right decision.”

Check out the album art and complete tracklist for Mona Lisa, as well as “Decisions” below. You can pre-order the album here.

Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz - Mona Lisa Artwork Web


1. “Brushstrokes”

2. “Reflection”

3. “My Block”

4. “Cocaine Fingerprints”

5. “Grace of God” feat. DJ Los

6. “That Place”

7. “Word….”

8. “Decisions”

9. “Timberlan’d Up” feat. Royce Da 5’9″

10 . “Come Back Home”

11. “Mona Lisa”

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