Brazilian Man Who Swallowed More Than A Kilo Of Coke Arrested At Airport

Brazilian Man Who Swallowed More Than A Kilo Of Coke Arrested At Airport

Drug traffickers find all types of ways to transport their respective products from point A to point B. Much of the time, mules are used to move product through the air and otherwise. We’ve seen mules employ many strategies to smuggle drugs, but one of the more common ways to transport cocaine, especially, is for the mule to swallow packs and carry them in their stomachs. Such was the case with Paulo Henrique Pires Naschimento, a Brazilian man who swallowed 1.3 kilos of coke to take from Ethiopia into Bangkok, recently. He was busted at Suvarnabhumi Airport after police received a tip.

Nascimento was picked up by the authorities after he picked up his luggage on Wednesday. He was then taken to be X-Rayed and 100 capsules were discovered inside the 27-year-old’s stomach. After that, Nascimento got to telling. The Nation reports the events after his arrest:

He then brought police to a hotel in Soi Sukhumvit 64 where he would meet the contact. 

Then the second suspect, Coleta Elsonias, who was later found to be staying in the same hotel, visited Naschimento at his room and gave him some milk to help him release the cocaine. 

The first suspect then told Elsonias that he already evacuated the drug out of his body. Elsonias then came back to get the drug at Naschimento’s room when he was arrested.

After his arrest, Elsonias refused to talk to police and give them anymore information.

Cocaine In Stomach

Watch here to see the suitcases made out of cocaine used to smuggle.

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