Butt Naked Robber

Imagine walking into your first floor apartment , at 5 in the morning, after an eleven hour shift waiting tables in 6-inch heels to a butt naked stranger sitting on your sofa. What would be your first reaction? Well, a 21 year old Old Dominion student was frozen in disbelief when she got home early Sunday morning. She immediately called police and reported an intruder in her home. The victim, who will remain nameless, had never seen the perpetrator before so she asked him who he was and who he was there to see.   In return, he gave her no answer. Instead, he asked where his maintenance key was, put his pants on and walked out the door. He vandalized the victims room, stole the cash out of her wallet and took her roommate’s spare car key. A police report has been filed. There was no proof of forced entry, so how the delusional man got into the apartment is still unclear.

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