Canadian Crime Boss Accused Of A Lot, Including Stealing $30K In Nutella

Canadian Crime Boss Accused Of A Lot, Including Stealing $30K In Nutella

Balwinder “Bill” Dhaliwal, 60, is in hot water after being arrested (along with more than 20 others) for running a $5 million crime ring. Known as the “King of Car Thieves,” Dhaliwal’s organization allegedly engaged in everything from auto theft to drug importation (heroin and cocaine) to kidnapping to stealing food product to resell.

According to reports:

Balwinder “Bill” Dhaliwal, 60, Mississauga, charged with conspiracy to create forged documents, possession of a firearm and conspiracy to import heroin. Bill’s son, Balkevinjuit “Kevin” Dhaliwal was charged with conspiracy to traffic coaine, conspiracy to procure a person under eighteeen and Bill’s wife Kuljit Dhaliwal was charged with conspiracy to commit fraud. Two men from Vaughan, Mike Hartlieb, 38 and John Pouliot, 33 and one man from Richmond HillNazir Mohamed, 36, were also charged.

The big charges that Dhaliwal faces center around 60 stolen cars worth $3.4 million (the priciest was a $340,000 Lamborghini) that were brought to his auto shop. Some of the cars were shipped to places like the Dominican Republic and Guyana. The organization is also accused of renting the stolen luxury cars to other criminals.

The food is the most unorthodox hustle Dhaliwal had, though. In one instance, his cronies stole a truck load of Nutella worth $30,000. Those jars of the popular hazelnut spread were then sold for 50 cents on the dollar. The organization also stole “e-cigarettes, alcohol, including crates of Moosehead beer,” according to YorkRegion. “If there was a profit to be made, they jumped on the opportunity,” said Det. Sgt. Paul LaSalle.

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