Check Out The Teaser Pilot For ‘Harlem, USA’

Check Out The Teaser Pilot For ‘Harlem, USA’

‘Harlem, USA’ is an epic that spans five years during the height of Harlem’s crack epidemic (1987-92) in which many families were destroyed due to crime or punishment. This series is told through the eyes of Antwan “Twan” Morris, a former high school basketball star with dreams of climbing the ranks of Harlem’s underworld.

This is a crime drama with a parallel story, also shedding light on Harlem’s biggest clients, the Wall Street yuppies. With the market crash of 1987, many brokers were out of work and seeking new means to support their lifestyles. While those who were users began to use more while trying to cope with depression, others became drug suppliers.

According to series creator David Williams, “If I had to compare this to anything, it would be HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ whose attention to detail and execution is second to none. Such an epic series that showcased the prohibition era in Atlantic City is similar to my vision for ‘Harlem, USA.’ This is truly a passion project of mine. Being a Harlem native, I have seen and heard about these people we are depicting my entire life. This is a series full of stories I must tell.”

‘Harlem, USA’ is written and directed by David Williams and stars Shaquille “Jimi X” Paul , Neek Bucks and Harrison Marx. Give the teaser pilot a view below:

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