Chrisette Michele Surprises Gold Star Widow at her Baby Shower!

Chrisette Michele Surprises Gold Star Widow at her Baby Shower!

Grammy-award winning songstress Chrisette Michele has been taking a lot of L’s as of late. First, there was her decision to perform at the inauguration of the “Tangerine” that resulted in a massive backlash from the Black community. Then, she was dropped from her record label. As if that wasn’t enough, the newlywed miscarried a child. Devastated, she took to her Instagram and posted a miscarriage photo so that her followers can empathize with her pain. Only, the photo wasn’t actually her miscarriage (and someone called her out on it.) To be sure, Chrisette has definitely made some (ahem) “questionable” choices lately, and she has been paying the price for it. Despite the mishaps, Chrisette has continued to remain positive and keep pursuing her purpose – pushing her #strongblackwoman campaign.

Case in point. Recently, Chrisette Michele made a surprise visit to the baby shower of Gold Star widow, Myeshia Johnson. If you are not familiar with the name, Mrs. Johnson is the pregnant widow of the U.S. Special Forces soldier that was killed in combat in Niger, only to have his memory desecrated by a heartless phone call from the Commander-in-Chief (the “Tangerine”.) Mrs. Johnson’s child is due in January. A group of businesswomen in Fayetteville, North Carolina, which included media maven, publicist, and 104.5 The Beat’s radio host, J. Slay put together a baby shower for Myeshia Johnson. J. Slay reached out to Chrisette Michele with hopes of Chrisette calling in on FaceTime to speak with the widow (who is a huge fan.) Much to everyone’s surprise, Chrisette decided to do her one better. She DROVE all the way from New York to North Carolina to attend the baby shower. Chrisette, who admitted that she dealt with depression, offered some words of encouragement to Myeshia and spent the whole day with her. Chrisette didn’t announce it online, nor did she alert the media of her arrival. She focused solely on keeping this #strongblackwoman uplifted.

When speaking to J. Slay, Chrisette explained why she chose to make the drive from New York to North Carolina, and how much she related with Myeshia. She also broke down the impetus of her #strongblackwoman campaign that she is pushing. She spoke about how her new music is going to focus on Black issues and her new single, Black Lives Matter. Chrisette is determined to not let past mistakes define her legacy. She is committed to change within herself, as well as changing the way people in her community are viewed.

With so many artists and entertainers cooning and buffooning, it is refreshing to see a talented artist – who has owned her past mistakes – strive to make a difference in the life of someone else. What may have been a small gesture to her may be the gesture of a lifetime for a pregnant widow in mourning. Shout out to you, Chrisette!!! See the full interview here.

This article was done with the permission and assistance of Hazley Jay. All pictures of Chrisette Michele are courtesy of Hazley Jay aka J. Slay.  


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