Colombian Farmer Finds $600,000,000 Of Pablo Escobar’s Money Buried

Colombian Farmer Finds $600,000,000 Of Pablo Escobar’s Money Buried

According to official data, the cocaine industry generates roughly $85 billion per year. Seeing that laundering drug proceeds and/or putting profits in the bank is a tricky business for many cocaine traffickers, many utilize the strategy of stashing cash somewhere. This method was used especially by Pablo Escobar, the most successful cocaine trafficker in the history of the world. Escobar stashed his influx of cash in various places, like in furniture and under floorboards. He also took to burying his cash on various plots of land throughout Colombia. Whenever the topic of drug dealers burying cash in random locations arises, people always speculate as to what they’d do if they happened upon the booty. Well, one Colombian farmer had to really decide.

Jose Mariena Cartolos, 65, recently received a $3,000 grant from the Colombian government to start a palm oil plantation on a plot of land that has been in his family for more than 200 years. While digging a trench for irrigation on the land, Cartolos struck something odd. Upon further exploration, he discovered several large, blue containers. What he found inside was unfathomable. The containers were filled with cash, totaling $600,000,000! That is not a misprint. Six hundred MILLION dollars. The money is said to be a part of Pablo Escobar’s $30 billion fortune.

Alas, it is expected that Cartolos will not be able to keep the money. The money is expected to be used by the Colombian government to enhance social and economic programs (in true Escobar fashion). Inside Hollywood speculates that this discovery will cause a new “Gold Rush,” drawing treasure hunters to the Colombian countryside in search of hidden treasure.

Colomban 600 Million Farm


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