Conan O’Brien Gets Styled By Dapper Dan On ‘Conan’

Conan O’Brien Gets Styled By Dapper Dan On ‘Conan’

Over the years, legendary Harlem haberdasher Dapper Dan has styled some of the biggest names on the streets and in entertainment. His name hit headlines again this year when Gucci jacked one of his designs for one of its collections. Since the fallout, the luxury brand has teamed up with Dap, offering him a partnership deal. He is also the subject of Don Diva’s latest issue.

Earlier this week, Dap was summoned by late night show funny man Conan O’Brien to appear on his show, Conan. It was pure comedy as Conan tried to pick out his own swag and see what Dap thought about it. Dap was less than impressed by Conan’s selection. Later on, Conan let Dap swag him out with a much more official fit. Watch the segment below:

Read more about Dapper Dan’s collaboration with Gucci here.

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