Connecticut Emcee Drops Controversial Visual Called “Apples In Eden”

Connecticut Emcee Drops Controversial Visual Called “Apples In Eden”

Connecticut rhyme slinger SeeS has released the visual for his song “Apples In Eden.” The Video may very will be the independent music video of the year. It is cinematic, thought provoking and intense. “Apples In Eden” is visually epic and exhilarating. The emotions, the colors and the exceeding melodrama, are all there along with the deeper social underpinnings. This is certainly a great music video directed with passion by SeeS himself. Interestingly enough, SeeS doesn’t appear in the video, which lends to its mystique. “Apples in Eden” is a testament to an artist who has made sacrifices for his career without bargaining his soul.
Moreover, SeeS’ “Apples In Eden” video takes viewers on a journey within their own souls. The song is extraordinarily precise, emotionally rich and powerfully persuasive. Just because you’re not asleep does not mean that you’re awake. Nowadays there seems to be an all out effort to dumb down the masses. The video “Apples In Eden” attacks the social/political propaganda machine that wages war on the masses via psychological warfare. The song addresses the lies and deceptions of the powers that be. SeeS delivers a wake-up call to the sheeple of the world who are unaware of the larger agenda at play, including the media’s toying with politricks, as well as the government’s invasive encroachment of civil privacy. Follow SeeS on Twitter @sees09 and log on to

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  1. Awesome song. Great images to go along with a powerful message

  2. Sheeple best pay attention!
    SeeS is not only talented with a good message but he also is a leader in CT Hip Hop and now the world!
    He will Lead we will follow,Now!
    Keep on,keepin on….

  3. Brianna Schwindt

    This is so fuckin fire! I love the message. Only respect for SeeS!!

  4. Thanks to everyone helping to spread this message and video! Lets use art to create a discussion!

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