Corrupt Baltimore Cops Charged With Racketeering Pick Up New Robbery Charges

Corrupt Baltimore Cops Charged With Racketeering Pick Up New Robbery Charges

There are crooked cops all over this nation abusing their powers for their own personal gain. That is the story of¬†Sergeant Wayne Earl Jenkins,¬†Detective Daniel Thomas Hersl and¬†Detective Marcus Roosevelt Taylor of the Baltimore Police Department. The three officers were indicted in March of this year on charges of racketeering conspiracy, racketeering, robbery, extortion, and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence. Also charged were two civilians–Thomas Robert Finnegan and¬†David Kendall Rahim–who posed as police officers and committed a robbery with a BPD officer.

Fox 45 News details some of the crimes that were committed by the officers:

According to the indictment, Jenkins, Hersl and Taylor engaged in 13 robberies beginning in 2011. In spring 2015, ‚ÄúJenkins stole at least 20 pounds of high-quality marijuana and at least $20,000 from two individuals who were conducting a drug sale at Belvedere Towers in Baltimore City.‚ÄĚ Jenkins falsely told the buyer and seller that he was a Drug Enforcement Agent (DEA) and that ‚Äúhe was seizing the money and drugs and would make a decision about whether to charge them later,‚ÄĚ the indictment says.

Jenkins then drove Taylor and the co-defendant to a wooded area off of Northern Parkway and gave them each $5,000, the indictment says. Jenkins then went to a strip club in Baltimore County and robbed a stripper, it says.

The indictment also states that Jenkins learned from inside sources that that “he and members of the Gun Trace Task Force were under investigation by federal law enforcement.” While detained at Howard County jail, Jenkins told his co-defendants to “keep their mouths shut” and “stick to the story,” the story being videos that they created to throw investigators off their scent.

All three officers have been ordered to remain locked up until their trial date. Finnegan and Rahim had their court appearances earlier today. Read the indictment in full below:

Superseding Indictment by FOX45 on Scribd

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