Cuban Harry, Alleged Lean Supplier To The Stars, Sentenced To 30 Years

Cuban Harry, Alleged Lean Supplier To The Stars, Sentenced To 30 Years

Cuban Harry (government name Harrison Garcia) has been sentenced to 30 years four months after being convicted of armed drug trafficking. The Miami man is believed to have been the lean man to many on the South Florida hip-hop scene, including stars like Chris Brown and Lil Wayne.

The Miami Herald reports:

Garcia, who’s story was first chronicled in the Miami Herald in December, was believed by the feds to have supplied South Florida’s hip-hop scene with the potent drink known as “lean” while jet setting around the world with singer Chris Brown and shooting rap videos with Lil’ Wayne.

A mere glance at Cuban Harry’s IG page would let you know that he was fond of lean. He chose the handle “muhammad_a_lean,” called himself the “CEO of Purple Drank,” had a chain with a pendant of an ice blizzard styrofoam cup, as well as many pics of cough syrup and soda.

In court, he claimed to be a junkie and not a dealer. He said that he did it all to build up his credibility in the music industry. “I had an image to portray, to boost up my followers,” he said in a pre-trial hearing in January. “I guess it’s just the music industry.” During his trial in April, jurors heard a different story. They heard that he admitted to selling “large amounts of narcotics” to Lil Wayne and he received a $15,000 payment from Chris Brown for lean.

U.S. Judge Patricia Seitz said Harry’s crimes were “serious against the backdrop of a national drug epidemic that “dehumanizes and enslaves” addicts,” according to the Herald. She said, “It is the kind of conduct that is very much a scourge on our community.”

“I want to briefly apologize to my parents and your honor,”  Harry said. “Hopefully, I learn from this.”

Cuban Harry Court

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