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Newest Issue #63 will be mailed to all subscribers on or about January 15, 2018 via USPS BULK MAIL. According to the current USPS shipping policy, it can take up to 4 weeks for delivery. Please do not make a claim for non-delivery of Issue 63 until after February 15, 2018, and at that time we will advise you or your reshipment options. To place an inquiry regarding your order, please send us an email at customer service at We thank you for your patience and appreciate your support.



Please read before ordering. By ordering Don Diva Magazine either by web, phone or mail you are agreeing to all of our terms and conditions.

 Publication Dates

 Don Diva Magazine is a quarterly publication. We publish a new issue every three months. Our average print schedule is January, April, July, October, however, we reserve the right to change the schedule without further notice, however, you can expect a new issue approximately every three months.

Subscription Quantity 

There are 4 issues to a yearly subscription in both the digital or print versions of Don Diva Magazine.

 Back Issue / Merchandise Shipments

Back issues and Merchandise are mailed out using USPS (United States Postal Service) Media Mail. They are mailed out within 7 days of your order being processed and can take an additional 10 business days to be delivered by USPS.

 Subscriptions to Jail/Prison

Don Diva Magazine cannot guarantee that the magazine will reach any inmate. If an issue is ordered other than the ones indicated that are available for INMATE DELIVERY, the issues will automatically be replaced with the most current issues at Don Diva’s discretion. We will NOT contact you for a replacement issue. The magazines displayed on the website may not appear as displayed.

There are a few jails/prisons that don’t allow the magazine in the facility. We do make all attempts and special arrangements to have the magazines delivered. Please check with the inmate BEFORE ordering, we DO NOT refund because an issue was rejected by a facility. If the inmate’s issue is rejected and returned there will be an additional charge of $3.50 (payable by credit card or money order) to re-ship the issue to an alternate address.We are aware that many institutions/jails have a policy that they notify the inmate that they have received mail that they are rejecting and return the mail to the sender, HOWEVER we are finding that even though the policy is in place, it is not always followed, the inmate is not always notified and the product is not returned.There is also the possibility that one issue of the magazine will be accepted and delivered to an inmate and another won’t be. Again, this is at the sole discretion of the facility. Therefore, we do not offer refunds for any returned/rejected issues or issues not received by an inmate for any reason, because of the immediate expense incurred in mailing out the orders as purchased.

 In this case, we offer two options to support your purchase:

  1.  RESHIP the issue a second time upon customer payment of the Reshipment Fee of $3.50 per issue to the inmate or an alternate address.
  2. EMAIL our digital version to the assigned email given

Address Changes

Please change the subscriber’s mailing address with customer service as soon as possible by emailing the subscriber’s name and new address t0 You can also reach us with this information by fax at 212-330-8100 or mail at 603 W. 115th Street, Ste 313, New York, NY 10025.

It is the subscriber’s responsibility to notify Don Diva Magazine or any address changes. There will be an additional shipping charge of $3.50 (payable by credit card or money order) to re-ship a magazine due to an address change if received after the mailing of an issue.

Click here to pay Reshipment Fee

 Non-Receipt of Order

Any order complaint about non-receipt will not be honored if received after 6 months of original order date. Proof of purchase is required in the form of a credit card statement, order number or money order receipt for all customer service complaints regarding non-receipt of the magazine. Without proof of purchase, your complaint may not be serviced.

 Refund Policy

We do not give refunds on subscriptions or back issue orders for any reason, including rejection by an institution.

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