Director Soundman Set to Release Part 2 for Cult Classic ‘The LIC’ Movie

‘The Lic Part 2’, directed by the phenomenal Soundman, is a street film taking place in Chicago, Illinois where shootings are prevalent and overwhelming. In Chicago, there have been countless deaths that were at the hands of gun violence and this film is a gritty portrayal of Chiraq’s street life.

Part 1 of ‘The Lic’ has done great numbers so Part 2 is sure to do the same. There is a huge excitement amongst the fans of Part 1 as they have been waiting for this moment.

‘The Lic Part 2’ is showing in select theaters starting March 20th and you can find out more information by visiting The cinematography and the dialogue of this film is superb, so you will not be disappointed. View the trailer below to see what all the hype is about and share with your following!

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