DJ Megan Ryte x OMB Peezy – ‘Lessons From The Pimp’ [EP STREAM]

DJ Megan Ryte x OMB Peezy – ‘Lessons From The Pimp’ [EP STREAM]

omb peezy lessons from the pimp

Hot 97’s DJ Megan Ryte chose to work with 300 Ent. / Sick Wid It signee OMB Peezy for her “The 5” series in which she releases EPs from five rappers, one for each of the five weeks in November. Recognizing a lot of Pimp C’s storytelling in OMB Peezy’s rhymes, she chose the EP title Lessons from the Pimp to highlight their similarities, esp with them both being from The South. She chose all 5 beats to be Drake-inspired bc she feels Drake brings people together and represents fusion, another theme of her projects.

Each week for five straight weeks, Megan Ryte selects five beats for one of her favorite emcees to freestyle over and creates a brand new EP, each organized around a different theme. A native of Mobile herself, Megan fell in love with Peezy’s music on YouTube. She heard echoes of Pimp C in Peezy’s sound, each rapper spitting street wisdom in a Southern drawl. Taking inspiration from Peezy’s lyrical and vocal similarity to Pimp C, and his fusion of Bay Area and Deep South rap styles, Megan recruited Peezy to freestyle for her series. For her instrumentals, Megan chose to venture outside of Peezy’s comfort zone, selecting five beats evocative of Drake, an artist who represents the idea of “fusion,” to Megan.

Stream Lessons From The Pimp by DJ Megan Ryte and OMB Peezy, as well as the video for “Ignorant Freestyle” below.

Check out OMB Peezy’s video for “Deeper Than You Think” with OMB IceBerg here.

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