DoNotPay App, Created By Stanford Freshman, Has Overturned 160,000 Parking Tickets

DoNotPay App, Created By Stanford Freshman, Has Overturned 160,000 Parking Tickets

“If it is one day possible for any citizen to get the same standard of legal representation as a billionaire, how can that not be a good thing?” These are the words of Joshua Browder, freshman at Stanford University and creator of DoNotPay, an app that has helped overturn more than 160,000 parking tickets in New York (who collected $546 million in parking ticket revenue in 2014) and London. Described as “the first robot lawyer,” the app “uses previously successful appeal letters to draw up a customized template, allowing users to avoid courts, legal fees, stress, and having to use a lawyer.” DoNotPay boasts a 64% success rate and has appealed $4 million in parking fines in nine months.

The Anti-Media reports:

Stanford freshman Joshua Bowder created the app after spending an exorbitant amount of time crafting his own appeals for parking tickets. He read thousands of pages of documents related to parking tickets released under the Freedom of Information Act and consulted a traffic lawyer. Then, using PHP and Javascript, he created a conversation algorithm that aggregates keywords, pronouns, and word order. Like many chatbots, Browder’s app becomes more intelligent each time it is used.

DoNotPay is a free app and Browder (described by many as the “Robin Hood of the Internet”) totally intends for it to stay that way. He claims that the endeavor is “driven by a sense of social justice and a desire to help vulnerable people who are exploited by policing-for-profit schemes.” According to reports, the app can also help with delayed/canceled flights, payment-protection insurance (PPI) claims, and even “legally disclosing an HIV-positive health status.”

Check out DoNotPay here.

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