Don’t Get Ripped Off By The Felony Lane Gang, Police Warn

Don’t Get Ripped Off By The Felony Lane Gang, Police Warn

According to reports, the Felony Lane Gang has been around for years. Originating in Florida, the outfit has engaged in theft and bank fraud throughout the nation. In a report about members of the gang getting busted in the Philadelphia after an intense chase, PennLive writes:

According to the Felony Lane Gang Facebook page that law enforcement agencies have created, the gang is based in south Florida, and members travel the country in rental vehicles.

They target gyms, day care centers, parks and sporting events to steal purses containing credit and debit cards and checks from unlocked and unattended vehicles. They reportedly recruit women who are prostitutes and drug addicts to assume the stolen identities to then cash stolen checks.

The group’s name comes from members’ use of the farthest drive-through lane from the bank building and teller.

Now law enforcement in New England is warning residents about the gang’s presence in the region. According to NECN, police departments in more than a dozen New England towns are probing into thefts and fraudulent bank transactions that have transpired. They say that the men of the gang drive around parking lots, perusing vehicles with purses or bags left inside. They reportedly will not hesitate to bust out car windows if the doors are not left unlocked. Women’s checkbooks and ID’s are taken and given to female conspirators, who disguise themselves as the victim, who cash fugazi checks for thousands of dollars.

Even though women have been caught in the act on video camera, tracking them down proves difficult for law enforcement. “They’re not interested in the electronics that can, one, be tracked, or if they’re sold, can be tracked back to the people selling them,” said Detective Matthew Reardon. “They use rental cars in various people’s names often times the females who are doing the check fraud may or may not be from the area and if they are from the area often they don’t know the people they are working for maybe by first name or have limited contact information.”

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