Drone Attempting To Smuggle Contraband Crashes Outside Prison

Drone Attempting To Smuggle Contraband Crashes Outside Prison

Usually when we hear about drones, they are being used to carry out military procedures. These unmanned aerial vehicles are one of the more important developments in warfare. Now, it looks like creative minds behind the wall have gotten their hands on the technology. In South Carolina, police have arrested one man and are one the hunt for another after they tried to use a drone to smuggle contraband.

According to the AP, on April 21st, officers discovered a drone that had crashed into some bushes by Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville, S.C. The drone carrying marijuana, tobacco and cell phones failed to make it over the bing’s 12 foot fence. According to the AP, “officials aren’t sure exactly where the drone would have gone if it made it over the wall.”

Wednesday, 28-year-old Brenton Lee Doyle was arrested and charged with attempting to smuggle contraband as well as drug possession for flunitrazepam (“roofies”) that he had on his person. Police have video footage of the second suspect in a nearby convenience store. A plea for his arrest has been released.

These guys weren’t the first to try this tactic. In November, four smugglers were arrested in Georgia for trying to use a remote control helicopter to deliver pounds of tobacco into a prison.