Entrepreneur Francisco Zulu Looks To Get Artists Paid With His New Platform MyNyimbo

Entrepreneur Francisco Zulu Looks To Get Artists Paid With His New Platform MyNyimbo

Manager and entrepreneur Francisco Zulu is changing the music streaming game for independent musicians and hustlers alike. Hailing from the African nation of Zambia, but based in Philadelphia, PA, Zulu founded his own music streaming platform called MyNyimbo. He conceived it when he became frustrated with the same old “song and dance” of posting music online and being able to track numbers of song plays but not actually being able to receive any monetary compensation for the music he and his clients were trying to promote.

“A lot of platforms that were there for us didn’t make sense,” said Zulu. “We found ourselves putting music online and only receiving numbers of views without making anything out of it so we created the platform to find a solution to what we had gone through as musicians.” The problem  he had gone through in his quest to get his artists paid for their music is that he was having them record quality music in professional studios and uploading it to websites like Youtube and Soundcloud, but that was only leading to people listening for free without having any options to buy the songs that they loved the most.

That’s good for the casual listener, but what about the core fans that want their favorite artists to keep putting out music to enjoy in times to come? Without a “machine” backing them, struggling artists often can’t afford to be consistent because they don’t have record deals and advancements to pay the bills while they rap and/or sing to their heart’s content. That’s where Francisco and his music streaming platform/internet radio station MyNyimbo come into play.

When asked how his platform would benefit both artists and consumers, as well as change the music game as a whole, he said, “We’re working directly with artists so there’s not as many people touching what they created. Once music goes up on the platform, every song’s profit that’s sold on the platform is split between us and the artists. Other platforms will have artists put up their music and pay subscriptions,” but what he offers is much more convenient.

Here’s the difference: Typically, artists are charged monthly fees to upload and showcase their music on other platforms. However, Zulu provides a brand new format where artists easily go to the website, upload their music, pictures and bios for free. What does a premium service like this cost the average unsigned act?  The only payments the artists pay is a small percentage of profits from the sales of songs/albums that are actually sold on the website. That means that the only time MyNyimbo gets paid is when the artist gets paid and that’s a fair deal considering the costs it requires to keep running a platform with this much potential.

Zulu said, “I look at music like it’s all one language. As long as it’s good, quality music, it doesn’t matter what genre it is. We accept any type of music from any part of the world. The vision is to put world music in one place.”

In the future, Zulu hopes to expand the brand by providing a cellular friendly, downloadable app where music can be purchased and enjoyed by consumers while protecting the intellectual property of the talent from being illegally shared across the internet. As of now, songs and albums can be uploaded by musicians and purchased by fans by simply going to the new user-friendly website. If you’re ready to turn those music streams into revenue streams or find fresh, inspiring music to download, the wait stops here. For more, visit You can also check out the Instagram page at @mynyimbo. 

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