Essential Questions to Ask During an Interview with Medical Staff

Essential Questions to Ask During an Interview with Medical Staff

Interviewing someone to work as medical staff is more challenging compared with other employees. You are searching for someone who will deal with lives. The interview is a crucial portion of the hiring process because you can test the suitability of the candidates for the job. These are the critical questions you need to ask during the interview to set the candidates apart from each other.

Why did you choose to be a medical professional?

You need to ask this question because you want someone who does not only treat the profession as a job. You want a person who is passionate about health care and in helping others recover from their illness. You will know from the response their level of passion in doing the job.

Why should we hire you?

You might think that this generic question does not necessarily guarantee the best possible response. Despite that, you still need to ask this question. You want to know if the person deserves the position based on their answer. If they tell you that they want the job for money, it could be a red flag. They don’t need a unique response to this question. You want to find out if they are into medicine or they have no choice because they took a medical degree in university.

What do you do when you disagree with someone?

Answering this question lets you see if the candidate can handle tough situations well. You will know if disagreements could lead to escalated problems. It is common among medical staff to have conflicts about deciding how to best move forward with a specific case. Regardless of the differences in opinion, the person needs to have the right attitude to remain professional. The safety of the patient needs to be the priority and not who is right about the argument.

What is your biggest career mistake?

It might seem like a generic interview question, but in the medical world, it means a lot. You want a response that sounds shallow. In medicine, professionals can’t commit serious mistakes. Errors can be a matter of life and death for the patients. If the response involves a mistake when diagnosing the patient or an error while inside the surgery room, it is scary. You don’t want someone who committed these grave mistakes being near a patient.

What will you be doing several years from now?

Again, it is a common question in a job interview, but it is a good question because it tests commitment. You don’t want to work with someone who might resign in just a year or two. You want a medical professional whose engagement in the healthcare industry remains steadfast.

You can deal with the lengthy interview process to find the perfect candidate for the job, or you can hire a physician recruiter to do it. Firms can hire medical staff on your behalf. They have strategies for searching for the best person for a specific medical job, and they will also do the interview process for you.  

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