Flat Earth Truther B.o.B. Implies That The Slave Trade Never Happened

Flat Earth Truther B.o.B. Implies That The Slave Trade Never Happened

Looks like Atlanta-based Grand Hustle artist B.o.B. is at it again. He made waves not too long ago when he made claims that the planet Earth is flat and went so far as to start a GoFundMe to prove it. Now, “Flat Earth Bob” is claiming that the Transatlantic Slave Trade is a myth.

Bobby Ray made these claims on Instagram. He posted a video of a Black lecturer making a presentation on the inaccuracy of historical maps from centuries ago. B.o.B. captioned the clip by saying, “They say slavery lasted 400 yrs… America is only 250 yrs old… You ever seen a slave ship ? They can find a billion year old dinosaur bone but can’t find any slave ships.”

His followers weren’t having it, though. One poster, @stucknthe90s, summed up everyone’s feelings by saying, “@bob [there] are slaves ships at the Smithsonian African American Museum, National Museum of African American History and Culture. New Orleans just got approved for a project called the Slave Ship Museum and there’s also the International Slave Museum in Liverpool, England. A slave ship wreck was found in the bottom of the Cape of Good Hope in Cape Town, South Africa and its artifacts are found in the Smithsonian African American Museum. The Smithsonian also started the Slave Wrecks Project. Google’s your friend brah.” Others, such as @jaesengg, who quoted, “u dumb as hell,” weren’t as nice.

Peep the IG post that started everything below. This dude’s gotta be trolling.:

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