Flukey How Sir?, MD: Teen Doctor Locked Up Again [In-Depth Look At This Bizarre Story]

Flukey How Sir?, MD: Teen Doctor Locked Up Again [In-Depth Look At This Bizarre Story]

Back in February, the Internet was on fire with jokes and memes when teenager Malachi Love-Robinson (better known as “Dr. Love”). was arrested for impersonating a medical physician and practicing without a license. After a female undercover detective (Dr. Love claims he checked her vitals and advised her to get over-the-counter meds) went in for a checkup, a narcotics task force, armed with automatic weapons, ran in Dr. Love’s West Palm Beach medical practice, the New Birth New Life Medical Center (which he obtained in April through funds he made as program director at the New Directions Behavior Health in Boynton Beach; also received a cease-and-desist notice to stop massage therapy sessions). Yesterday, Dr. Love was arrested again on new charges. He was temporarily jailed on charges of larceny between $20,000 and $100,000, and using a worthless check.

This time he was cuffed in court. He was attending the hearing where his attorney, Leonard Feuer, requested that the judge release him from the case. Feuer cites an unnamed ethical issue so serious that the Florida Bar Ethics Hotline advised that he had no choice but to drop out. Feuer claims that if this ethics issue was revealed, the prosecution would have unfair leverage over Dr. Love during his trial, which has been rescheduled for early next month.

Dr. Love denies all of the more than ten charges levied against him. He’s kind of a beast, if his claims are true. Stricken with lupus since a young age, Dr. Love turned to holistic medicine for healing, which his grandmother, Rebecca McKenzie (who he lives with), says was his saving grace. Too sick to even go outside most days, traditional school was out of the question. D. Love turned to the Internet for his education, breezing through high school and college courses online. His digital scholarship included obtaining alleged certifications to practice holistic and alternative medicines (i.e. American Association of Drugless Practitioners & American Alternative Medical Association). He accredits the “doctor” in his title not to any medical training, but to what sources have revealed as a doctorate in divinity from the Universal Life Church Seminary (which offers the doctorates online for $29.95). This is all by the age of 17-18.

He went from there to allegedly to become program director at New Directions (according to his own website). With business partner Perseus Wells (who invested thousands into Dr. Love’s operation), Dr. Love leased the office for New Birth New Life at the West Palm Medical Plaza for less than $3,000 per month. Wells claims that there were only five patients at New Birth New Life. Dr. Love could collect Medicare/Medicaid money from patients with his official National Provider Identifier (NPI).

Dr. Love believes that the laws coming at him so heavily is because he is an extraordinary, brilliant Black person. However, there are some points to consider. He claims to never have diagnosed anyone, written prescriptions or performed medical procedures. Dr. Love claims to have a naturopathic (natural healing) license. However, the state of Florida no longer issues or acknowledges naturopathic licenses (even when it did, there were only ten such docs practicing).

Then there’s also the alleged scamming. Included in the initial case are charges that Dr. Love finessed an elderly client out of tens of thousands of dollars. After finding him online, 86-year-old Anita Morrison came to Dr. Love when traditional physicians couldn’t properly diagnose or treat severe stomach pains she was experiencing. Dr. Love saw her several times, including home visits. One day Morrison became so ill that Dr. Love called her an ambulance. Before the EMT’s took her away, he suggested that his patient leave behind her purse. She obliged. When Morrison checked her bank account, she discovered $34,504 for fraudulent car and credit card payments. Fugazi checks were allegedly made out to “Dr. Malachi A. Love” and “New Birth New Life Medical Center.”

In April, Grieco Mazda in Delray Beach received a judgement against Dr. Love for $5,300. He allegedly gave the car dealership a check for $1,800 as a down payment for a $27,000 car, but the check bounced.

Dr. Love

There are no specifics concerning Dr. Love’s new charges, but he has a lot to face with all of the charges against him. He will have to do so with a public defender, as he cannot afford a private attorney. Maybe the public defender will build on the relieved Feuer’s plans earlier this month to lean on an insanity plea. It could hold up. In January 2015, Dr. Love was kicked out of St. Mary’s Medical Center. Then, he was walking the halls in a white lab coat and stethoscope and entered an exam room. He claimed to be shadowing a doctor he couldn’t name. St. Mary’s stated that the hospital does not allow anyone to shadow doctors. Dr. Love’s mother said that he was off his mental health medications, at the time. He’ll need something to stick, because he rejected a plea bargain which would send him to jail for three years. The prosecution has expressed that that offer is still on the table.

The trial date (originally set for July 18) is set for September 6. Circuit Judge Krista Marx says this date is solid, because she wants the elderly alleged victims to have some closure before it’s too late for them to.

Dr. Love Mugshot
Malachi Love-Robinson’s most recent mugshot.

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