Get To Know Philly Bar Slinger Newz Huddle & Stream His New Single “Flexin'”

Get To Know Philly Bar Slinger Newz Huddle & Stream His New Single “Flexin'”

The Philly rap scene has long boasted a field of hungry, skilled flame-spitters, looking to take things from local to national. Though very few have been able to blow worldwide, the City of Brotherly Love is still bustling with talent. One of those talents is YacHouse emcee Newz Huddle. Born in Jersey, raised in the Wynnefield section of West Philly, New has taken his talents to the ATL, making his rounds in one of the main hubs of the hip-hop industry. Following up on his previous mixtape releases, Newz is preparing to drop his debut album The Preacher’s Son. As an appetizer, Newz dropped the lead single off the EP, called “Flexin’,” today.

Don Diva was able to get an exclusive sit-down with Newz Huddle to learn a little more about him and what he has in store.

Newz Huddle

What is the meaning behind the name Newz Huddle?

“Newsy” was my nickname growing up. I was always in everything, you know, minding business I shouldn’t have been minding (laughs). As I got older, we shortened it up.  Pretty much always keep my ear to the streets and in my music, I would tell the things I was seeing and hearing. I’m telling all the news and when I spit that news, everybody huddles up to hear it.

When did you start taking your rap grind seriously?

Around 16, I started takin’ it serious. [It’s been] About 12 years now. I got real, real serious about it at around 17, 18. I took a little time off. I had some personal problems I was goin’ through, nahmean. So, I got back into it around 2010.

What did you start doing that could be considered “taking it seriously?”

Doing shows, recording. You know, Really makin’ it my way of life. Really tryin’ to make it career. Not doin’ it just to be doin’ it and say I’m rappin’, n’ahm sayin’?

How would you describe your style and artists have influenced it?

My style? I’m a ladies’ man, n’ahm sayin’? But I’m from the streets, so, you know, that element is always gonna be there, no matter how much I try to suppress it (chuckles). I grew up listening to the greats. You know, Pac, Big, Hov, Beanie Sigel. You know, the Philly legends like Major Figgas, [Philly’s] Most Wanted. Beans is prolly my biggest influence. That’s my favorite rapper. My music ain’t nothin’ like his, but that’s what I listen to for motivation.

So, you’re in Atlanta now. Have you worked with anyone notable? How are you navigating that circuit?

I opened for Future last year back in Philly. I had just came to Atlanta and he had a show in Philly, so I flew back up to open for him. I’ve been workin’ with a lot of local producers down here, tryin’ to get my feet on the ground and get my family good.

Tell us a little about “Flexin’.”

We’re just pushin’ the single now. It’s gonna be on my forthcoming EP called The Preacher’s Son, which is actually done. I’m just tweakin’ a few things on it, trying to perfect it. We’re really excited for the single. Trying to figure out what we’re gonna do for the video. Getting all our ducks in a row.

It’s for days when you wake up on the right side of the bed, feelin’ good. That’s what it’s about. I’m flexin’. In the hook, I say, “I get kisses from old ladies and the kiddies run up tryna hug me.” It’s one of them type of things, man. You feelin’ real good about yourself. You not shittin’ on nobody. U just flexin;. The clubs gonna love it. The ladies gonna love it. The fellas gonna love it. Because they can relate.

What makes you pursue a career in an uncertain industry like the hip-hop industry? What makes you different?

It’s the passion. I’ve always had a passion for puttin’ words together and actually tryin’ to be the best. Not just doin’ it to be doin’ it. I really wanna be the best. My lyrical ability is God-given, but I actually work on that and perfect that craft. I don’t think a lot of people really take [perfecting their craft] seriously. To be able to have something you love and want to perfect that and it’s a way to take care of your family, I don’t see any other way I’d wanna live. I don’t got no Plan B.

What do you have planned for the future?

A lot of traveling, man. I’m tryin’ to be everywhere as much as I can, touching different markets. A lot of features, you know. Workin’ with a lot of different artists. I like to make a lot of different kinds of music. I don’t just put myself in a box, n’ahm sayin’? Anything anybody brings me, I can pretty much do what i do to it. My name is my name. My name’s gonna be everywhere.

If the people out there could know any one thing about Newz Huddle, what would it be?

No matter how hard me or my team flex, God is always first, man. You always gotta humble yourself before God and I make sure that I do that. My faith is very much important to me.

Anything else you want the people to know?

I’m comin’ man! I’m here! I’m doin’ this for the people and I want the people to love it. It ain’t just about money for me. You can make money doin’ anything. I just wanna be the best and I wanna give people good music, man. I want people to want it.

Check out “Flexin’” (produced by Pushaa Man Boon) by Newz Huddle below. To keep up with his movement, follow him on social media ( Twitter, IG, etc.) at @NewzHuddle.

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