Ghostface Gotta Smack FIRE Outta Martin Shkreli For The Culture

Ghostface Gotta Smack FIRE Outta Martin Shkreli For The Culture

Martin Shkreli is a dickhead. This was proven when he made the lives of AIDS and cancer patients even harder by jacking up the price of the vital medication Daraprim from $13.50 per pill to an overwhelming $750. The FBI surely views Shkreli as a dickhead, evidenced by his arrest for securities fraud. Many more see Shkreli as a dickhead for buying the coveted, one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album, Once Upon A Time in Shaolin, for $2 million and keeping it all to himself, on some real na-na-na-boo-boo shit. The Killer Bees didn’t fuck with him buying the album, so they donated proceeds to charity.

It could’ve just stopped there, but Shkreli and Ghostface Killah, one of the premier voices of the Clan, have been going back and forth. TMZ caught up with Ghostface and asked him about the situation. Starks responded like only he could, calling Shkreli “the Michael Jackson nose kid,” and saying, “I’ll break your heart in four days.”

Shkreli took things so much further with a diss video. In the video, Shkreli pops shit with four masked yuppies doing their best “Black guy” impressions gassing him on, using dated, cliche slang. He threatened to erase Ghostface from the album, saying he’ll “erase [Ghostface] from the history of rap.” Furthermore, he calls Ghostface his “son,” claiming that he “butters [Ghostface’s] bread.” Shkreli implies that he is a tough guy from New York City and demands that Ghostface write him a letter of apology. To prove he’s a tough guy he says, he “saw” Wu-affiliate Killah Priest getting “pinched” for cocaine and “copping pleas” with the police.

Ghostface has gotta smack the shit outta Martin Shkreli. It’s the only way he’ll learn. In fact, the whole Wu-Tang Clan should. If he feels that Ghostface is his son and that the $2 million for the album “butters his bread,” he feels the same way about everyone else involved with the album. From the looks of that video, Shkreli is a guy who has never been hit in the face. If he had, he’d know better than to say such disrespectful things to dudes of the Wu’s pedigree. Would he say these things if Ghostface and company were standing there in arm’s reach? Highly unlikely. He carries himself like a privileged punk who has never had to deal with anything real in his life, besides school bullies stuffing him in his locker or giving him wedgies and/or swirlies. He clearly thinks having an arrest record makes him thorough, or something. How seeing someone get arrested makes you a goon, I’ve no idea.  

All-in-all, Martin Shkreli has taken the idea of a “culture vulture” to a whole new level. He’s doing it without even becoming a part of the culture. This type of culture vulture swoops in, tries to fiscally gobble up the dignity and integrity of respected figures in the game, then shits all over everything as it flies away. Seriously, who does this noodnik think he is? He clearly isn’t worthy of owning the exclusive Wu-Tang album if he feels that erasing anything off of it will erase any of them from the history of rap. That’s impossible to do with any of our pillars, no matter what you do. The Wu-Tang Clan’s place in history is set in stone. These are the “Sons of Man” you’re dealing with. True icons. Some spoiled, brat-ass pill peddler can’t do a damn thing to make us forget about them. His belief that simply erasing something off of an album that nobody heard besides him goes to shows that Shkreli holds hip-hop in low regard in general. How brittle a culture would it be if that’s all it takes to wipe out a legacy? Bobby Shmurda should be relieved that this guy didn’t bail him out of jail. Shkreli would clearly feel like he owned him if he did, and Bobby doesn’t have the status the Clan does. It would probably be ugly.  

At the end of the day, if Shkreli erases Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, it won’t change anything about the Wu in our minds. It’ll suck if we never hear it, but nobody has ever sold a single album for $2 million and we’ll still have the expansive, legendary catalog of Wu-Tang projects to listen to. On the other hand, if Shkreli gets locked up, what will history say about him? It’ll say that he’s a dickhead.

Read here about how the Wu-Tang Clan donated proceeds from the sale of Once Upon A Time In Shaolin to charity.

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