Homicides & Shootings Down In Chicago

Homicides & Shootings Down In Chicago

It’s popular for folks to report on the rampant violence in the city of Chicago. Every week, it seems, we get reports of all the shootings over a weekend or holiday. However, new data from the Chicago Police Department shows that shootings and homicides is actually down from last year.

According to the data, homicides have dipped for the second month in a row compared to where they were during the same month last year. Chicago Tonight reports:

According to police, there were 57 homicides last month and 63 in September 2016. Shooting incidents were also down in September: Department figures show a 15-percent drop compared with September 2016.

Police also say September represented the seventh consecutive month of reductions in shootings—the longest stretch since 2013.

The report also shows that the six police districts using predictive police centers and SpotShotter technology are outperforming other districts, boasting a 20% reduction in shootings since 2016.

However, despite the drop in September, the overall violence is is still high for the year. According to DNA Info, “So far, there have been 2,212 shootings that killed or wounded 2,784 people, according to DNAinfo analysis.” There have been at least 523 people killed so far this year.

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