How to Avoid Rejection During a Proposal

How to Avoid Rejection During a Proposal

The moment you ask for someone’s hand in marriage, you want to ensure that it will turn out well. It is embarrassing to propose to your partner and end up getting rejected. Regardless of the reason, you don’t want things to end that way. Therefore, you need to prepare well before you propose. Give your partner no reason to reject your proposal.

Ask when you know both of you are ready

Sometimes, you feel overwhelmed by the idea that you found a special person in your life, and you are ready to take things to the next level. The question is, does your partner feel the same way? Marriage is a commitment, and it involves two people. You can’t pop the question because you feel like it is time to ask it. Unless you are both emotionally and financially ready, asking for her hand in marriage at this point is most likely not the best decision.

Speak from the heart

Before you ask the question, you might want to prepare a few words to say to her. Make sure that you mean each word from the heart. It is right for you to anticipate what to say, but make sure it does not come out as prepared and inauthentic. Let the words flow from your mouth until such time that you are ready to pop the question.

Get down on your knees

It might seem traditional, but it will most likely encourage your partner to do the same. The simple act is a sign of bravery and also a submission of yourself to her. You want her commitment to a lifetime partnership. The least that you can do is to be on your knees.

Understand what she wants

If you know your partner well, it is easy to determine what type of proposal she envisions. Some women prefer getting asked in public where everyone sees you on your knees. Other women hate this grand expression of emotion. Even if she is ready to say yes, she might run away because she will feel that you don’t know her well enough, to embarrass her this way. The kind of proposal that you do reflects how well you know her.

Choose the right ring

Not that your partner is shallow, but the ring matters a lot. You need to consider fingerprint jewelry. It is a type of ring where you can have your fingerprints on it. It is unique and customized. The good thing about this type of ring is that you have a part of yourself imprinted on it. You are giving it to her, and it is a sign that you are willing to share a life. Of course, it also looks great, and she will fall in love with the jewelry even more as she sees your fingerprint on it.

Given all these methods, she has no more reason to decline your proposal. If she still does, it means that now is not the right time for marriage, or she is not the right person for you.

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