How To Hustle Your Tax Refund

How To Hustle Your Tax Refund

It’s that time again! Balling Season is upon us. Those tax refund checks are going to start rolling in in the next few weeks. Timelines all over the nation are going to be flooded with new-money “hustlers” flaunting their wealth. However, the real hustlers would see those tax refunds as a chance to “get right.” What separates a don or diva from most people is their vision.  So for all my dons and divas, here is a suggestion: Instead of tax-balling, why not utilize that money to come up in the world. How? Check out some of these ideas.

1.) Start/Invest in a business. In today’s world, independence does not cost as much as we think it does. All it takes is a small amount of money, the right idea, and BAM! You’re building your own dynasty. There are numerous small businesses that only take a couple thousand dollars to invest in or start up. For example, fellas, you can start a mobile detailing business with only about a $1,500 start-up cost, give or take. For my ladies, that same extra $600 you use during tax season to get the extra-silky Peruvian weave could be used to build a website, print business cards, and become a distributor of weave. (Kim and ‘nem ain’t got no monopoly on the game!)


2.) Invest in Yourself. There are all types of courses available to change careers all together in a matter of weeks, or level-up in your current career. The healthcare industry isn’t going anywhere no time soon. For just a couple hundred dollars, and a few weeks of time, you can become a phlebotomist, a CNA, or a lab tech – all jobs that  pay decent wages and offer security. If you already have your degree, you can go take courses at your local college to receive additional certification in your current field and demand more money. Pay for your courses straight up so you won’t be hustling backwards by taking out another student loan.

3.) Pay Down Current Debt. If you’re in the workforce, chances  are you have accumulated some debt. Whether it be student loans, credit cards, or even car payments, chances are, a certain percentage of our income is going to monthly bills. Now, unless you okay with living life as a nomadic pauper, some bills (rent/mortgage, lights, gas, etc.) are inevitable.  (This is America and it cost money to live.) Other bills can be erased from your monthly expenses for just a few thousand dollars. For example, if your credit card balance is only a couple grand, pay it off! You’ll save on interest fees and it may boost your credit score, which will allow you more favorable credit options down the line.  If you only owe a couple grand on your car, pay it off instead of putting new rims on it. (Guilty.) And for goodness sake, don’t  trade it in for more debt!

4.) Save Your Money. You heard Jadakiss! Why you ain’t stacking instead of trying to be fly? Ladies, remember back in August when you were living check-to-check, wondering if you were going to have to do something strange for some change? Fellas, remember back in November when you were debating on doing a “couple quick flips” (or banging the big chick that pay like she weigh) to get back on your feet? That’s the feeling you need to remember when you get a refund check in your hands. Money goes faaaast if you don’t value it. Stack  your money for a rainy day because in Trump’s Amerikkka, that rainy day could be any day. When you see those new hot items that you feel you just have to have, remember the feeling of despair you felt just a few months back when your finances were shaky. Think about it like this: if you save  your money and ration it out, it would be as if you gave yourself a raise.

There are numerous things that you can do with income tax return money that will pay off in the long run instead of trying to be the man or woman for one night. Always keep this in mind: the wealthy understand that it’s not always about how much money you have, it’s about how much money you keep. That’s  Don sh** and  this is our  corner.

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