How to Make Your Perfect Playlist for Cardio Workouts

How to Make Your Perfect Playlist for Cardio Workouts

Having the correct playlist for your workouts does not necessarily mean picking a bunch of songs that you often hear being played on the radio or the television. It is about creating a playlist that has been scientifically proven to be of great help when it comes to burning calories. With the right playlist, a new song can change your tempo while working out. You speed up or slow down with a heightened sense of exertion, to the extent that someone may think you are being controlled by a remote. The truth is that music also matters when it comes to workouts. Not only does music alter your tempo, but it can also elevate your mood, thus making your exercises appear easier. Some experts even consider music to be like a legal performance-enhancing drug. Here are some easy steps that can help you create a playlist to work perfectly with your cardio.

Make decisions if you need to move in time with the music

A lot of disagreements have come up with regards to the benefits music can bring to exercise. Some studies say that music improves workout efficiency, while others say it is of no benefit. Either way, most people like moving with music when exercising, especially if you are doing cardio workouts. If you are into running, it is important to determine your stride rate per minute. Once you figure this out, create a music playlist with a similar number of beats per minute. For instance, if you are making 150 strides in a minute, then you need to have a music playlist that has 150 beats per minute. You may want to use some anabolic steroids during your cardio to complement the efficiency music provides, and you will be assured of excellent results. The steroids can be obtained online from reliable sources, like

Use tunes that have a strong and energizing rhythm

There is a high chance that you will push yourself harder during cardio if you are listening to some upbeat and energetic tunes—which may vary from one individual to another. However, the criteria in selecting a workout jam that will work perfectly with anyone does not change. For a song to motivate you in the right manner, it must have 120 beats per minute and possess a rather prominent rhythm. You should note that faster tempos may not improve your cardio performance. Choose music with between 120-145 beats per minute.

Your playlist should be structured like your workout

No one usually begins their workout with a sprint. Your playlist should also be structured that way. The tempo of the music should match the intensity of your cardio exercises. The music playlist should be created in a way that its tempo changes with changes in your heartbeat. Studies indicate that you can stay motivated during your exercises by gradually increasing the beats per minute of the music as your heart rate also increases.  


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