I’m not going to let the streets have my son

Dynesha Lax of Fort Wayne, Indiana is making headlines across the country after forcing her 14-year-old son to serve mom-ordered community service by holding a cardboard sign proclaiming” I lie, I steal, I sell drug, I don’t follow the law” for two hours on the side of a busy street.

ABC NEWS – “I’ve done therapy with my son. I’ve done positive reinforcement. I’ve done negative reinforcement. I’ve done mommy-and-me days. I’ve even called the police on him,” Lax said. “But everything seems to be taken lightly. Nobody is taking seriously that these are serious offenses.” She said he has been acting up since a young age and that while none of her responses have worked, she refused to give up. “He’s already lying, stealing, trying to sell drugs. We’ve got three-and-a-half years until I don’t have control anymore,” Lax said. “I’m not going to let the streets have my son.”

Lax also has a 16-year-old son with a 3.9 GPA who plays football, basketball and runs track. She said he has never been in trouble or even to the principal’s office. “Those are hard shoes to fill but we went through so much to let him know he doesn’t have to be the same,” Lax said. “But he has to follow the rules and follow the law.” When Lax sent her son from the family’s Fort Wayne, Ind., home to spend a few hours wearing the sign outside, someone called the police. When they arrived, she said, they told her that although her tactic was unconventional, it was not illegal.

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