Interview with Rap Group America’s Most Hated

Interview with Rap Group America’s Most Hated

1. What inspired you to want to other manage artists knowing that you are?

Malcolm: Well first I am apart of the group but the management spot needed to be filled at the time. Also I believe in the music and talents of the group with them be very diverse and bringing an undeniable energy that the world will love. Building a team as we go meeting people along the way who believe in the vision to take this to the next level. – IG therealmalcolm

2. Was music always something you were passionate about doing? If so, what are some of the things you did growing up to get to the level your on today?

Bread Mane: Music is something we all have loved. We have been making music since high school. Then we noticed that this could open doors to other things we want to do as well. Also just to bring a different energy and perspective to the game.

3. I see your music group is getting ready to drop a mixtape called “America’s Most Hated” on May 1st. How do you feel about this body of work and what inspired yall to create it?

PapaKannon: We all grew up together and delt w alot of criticism about our lifestyles were all the same yet so different we argue and fight but were like family music is like a way we meditate together. We just have fun we dont think to much i love it cuz its real and official and raw and us i want us to grow in the game but want u 2 watch us…_papakannon
Ig @papakannon

4. What was it like opening up for YG, Yo Gotti, & migos ext & working with Nipsey Hussle, and Joe Moses? With this new mixtape do you guys have any surprises for us regarding tour?

Ocho: Opening up for Yo Gotti ft. YG on the I Am Tour and also opening up for The Migos which were both in the Belasco Theater here in Los Angeles which is our home town; was both appreciable experiences. They were some of the larger crowds we’ve performed for and we had some home court advantage going on, even being up and coming the crowds were vibing with our music. Working with Joe & Nip, I would say were also impact moments coming up. We actually got to chill and vibe more with Nip than we did with Joe but both of the songs were lit and I’m looking forward to working with them both in the future. As far as tour goes we’ve been discussing featuring on other artists tours as well as putting together our own and just head lining different shows, but yeah I think we will have some surprises coming our way and your way.

5. What singles do you have out right now and how are you guys currently pushing it through the market?

We have a mixtape out currently with a few singles on there. The mixtape has more artists associated with the group and you can find out songs everywhere.

6. Where can the people find you on social media?



Listen To Americas Most Hated Mixtape here

Check out Americas Most Hated Video Below titled “Admit It”:

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