Is There Any Technique to Predict a Football Match Result?

Is There Any Technique to Predict a Football Match Result?

  Is There Any Technique to Predict a Football Match Result?


European football is one of the most popular sports attracting millions of fans around the world. Many men like to play football, watch matches on TV, and make sports betting. All sports enthusiasts, including football fans, often try to predict the outcome of matches. How to predict football scores in the most correct way and how to analyze a football game?

Intuitive and Analytical Methods


We can distinguish intuitive and analytical types of making forecasts for football. The analytical method is considered more accurate and suits football fans in general. Before you start forecasting, you need to get the following information: what are results of the last matches of each team, on which team field they will play, whether the teams had serious problems with coach, players and money, what is declared composition of the teams for the upcoming game, what are the purposes of the opposing teams for the upcoming match and a whole season, what are the weather forecast and condition of the field, etc. Careful study of statistical data will help the player understand how to place a winning bet. In addition to the previous data, it is still necessary to take into account the experts’ opinions.


The intuitive way to predict the result of a football match does not require collecting such information and conducting a thorough analysis. Trusting your intuition, you need to focus on your point, freeing your head from unnecessary thoughts. Experts claim that such a forecasting option used to give positive results on betting sites in Ireland.


Online Forecasting Services


There are a lot of services for football forecasting, such as Statto, Soccerbase, 1000 Goals, The Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation, etc., where bettors can find a lot of useful and up-to-date information about football matches and all that is related to them. At any time, fans are able to participate in the competition of forecasts, learn expert suggestions, read thematic news and articles, and watch videos.


Football Calculators


These applications, such as Football Stats Calculator, Android Bet Calculator or Football Odds Calculator are available to download. Football calculator is an application for smartphones that allows predicting the outcome of a football match based on statistical data. Most of the factors that can influence the outcome of a football match can be obtained from the media or on Internet before the game starts. This makes it possible to calculate the upcoming football match mathematically. Tests have shown up to 75% correct predictions. However, like any expert system, any football calculator is not without its shortcoming, since it is not possible to take into account absolutely all the influence factors or even the venality in sports, which often occurs in modern football.


Scientific Football Prediction


Keeping the previous results of a team and taking into account some additional factors for correct forecasting, we can use a fuzzy algorithm for predictions. This is a computer model for predicting results of football matches, based on a fuzzy logical conclusion on the basis of linguistic rules of the type “if-then”. Test predictions correspond well the actual outcomes of football matches. The proposed approach can be used to predict the results of other sports competitions, as well as to extrapolate and forecast processes in conditions of limited statistical data in, for example, forecasting exchange rates of currencies and other economic tasks.


Method of neural network clustering is another computer system for entering and distributing a large number of available data on groups (clusters) based on common or similar characteristics. Thus, separately taken data vectors (examples) form clusters that should be really similar to each other. An important advantage of the method of neural network clustering is a possibility of additional learning of networks along with the practical use. That is, after knowing the actual result of a match for which a prediction was previously made, it is possible to recalculate the probabilities of the outcomes for the corresponding cluster or even continue the learning procedure of the entire neural network. Thus, by gradually increasing the database on sports statistics, the accuracy of forecasts also increases.


In this way, besides methods and techniques helping predict the outcome of a match, bettors need to have good knowledge and experience in the sport. In order not to lose all of his savings, a player has to bet very carefully. Trying to predict matches and practicing sports betting, we should never forget that there is no 100% guarantee to success in this business. And, as in any sports forecasts, it is unlikely to win all the time.


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