IT’S OFFICIAL: Dapper Dan & Gucci To Officially Collab Soon

IT’S OFFICIAL: Dapper Dan & Gucci To Officially Collab Soon

Earlier this year, the Internet was up in arms when Gucci debuted a new jacket at their cruise fashion show. Folks were mad because it was almost an exact replica of a style that legendary haberdasher Dapper Dan (a.k.a. Daniel Day) made in the 80’s for Olympian Diane Dixon. Gucci denied appropriating the style and claimed to be paying homage to Dap. Not long after the uproar, Dapper Dan said that he was “at the table” with Gucci. Now, it is being reported that Dapper Dan and Gucci will officially be collaborating on a few different ventures.

According to the NY Times:

…by the end of this year, he will open a second-generation Dapper Dan’s as a by-appointment studio for custom commissions, staffed, he hopes, with some of the original tailors, and sponsored (“powered,” in the company’s preferred term) by Gucci, which will now supply the raw materials.

What’s more, the two will collaborate on a capsule collection that will be produced and sold in Gucci stores worldwide next spring. Mr. Day himself is the model in Gucci’s new tailoring ad campaign, shot on the streets of Harlem, where he met Mr. Michele at last.
Furthermore, Dan stars in Glen Luchford’s Gucci Fall/Winter 2017 campaign.
“You have to understand, I was prepared to be copied from the time my store was first opened,” Dan told Complex. “My store first opened, and I couldn’t even get designer garments in there, nobody would sell to me. I’m talking 1982. This is 2017. That’s already behind me. The fact that it has to be two different worlds, I had already accepted that. I was just content with satisfying the people in my community.”


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