Jimmy Henchman Found Guilty For A Second Time For Hiring Hitman To Kill 50 Cent’s Associate

Jimmy Henchman Found Guilty For A Second Time For Hiring Hitman To Kill 50 Cent’s Associate

Last night, James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond, the music mogul behind talent management company Czar Entertainment, was found guilty for the second time for murdering 50 Cent’s associate Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher. The verdict was handed down a little after 8 PM on Tuesday night by a federal jury that found him guilty on four counts of murder-for-hire. Each of those counts carries a life sentence.

If you are unfamiliar with the situation, it all started in 2007, when 50 Cent and G-Unit were beefing with former member The Game, who was managed by Jimmy Henchman. The beef reached a fever pitch when Tony Yayo and his entourage, which Lodi Mack was a part of, surrounded and attacked Jimmy’s 14-year-old son. The boy was reportedly backhanded across the face. At first, Yayo was arrested and charged with harassment and endangering the welfare of a child. The charges against Yayo were eventually dismissed as part of a plea deal, and dropped down to a noncriminal harassment charge for which he served 10 days of of community service with no jail time. However, Lodi Mack stepped up and took the rap for assaulting Henchman’s son and was sentenced to nine months in jail. In 2009, according to government witness Brian “Slim” McCleod, two weeks after he was released, Lodi Mack was lured by McCleod to the Bronx at Henchmen’s behest, where he was shot and killed. It is Henchman’s contention that he intended for Lodi Mack to merely be shot at, but not killed.

This is Henchman’s third time being on trial for this alleged hit. The first trial ended in a hung jury. The second ended in a conviction and this third one was ordered by a federal appeals court. During the two-week trial, Henchman’s legal team argued that McCleod and other witnesses were only cooperating to get their own sentences reduced. “There is absolutely no physical evidence in this case that proves Jimmy intended Lowell Fletcher to be killed instead of shot at,” said Henchman’s attorney David Tougher, according to the NY Post. He added, “We’re determined to appeal.”

Even if Henchman had been found not guilty, he would still be serving life in prison. He was already serving two life sentences for gun and drug convictions.

Watch the documentary where Jimmy Henchman says he was set up by the feds and robbed of millions here.

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