Judge Denies Meek Mill’s Request For A New Trial

Judge Denies Meek Mill’s Request For A New Trial

Meek Mill has been on a roll as of late, speaking on behalf of those who are incarcerated across the nation. With his release, Meek had the privilege of having legions of fans and a number of influential figures step up and speak on his behalf, so Meek wants to use his influence to help others in similar predicaments. However, Meek’s fight for his own freedom isn’t over. He has gone so far as to petition the court for a new trial, due to certain circumstances, concerning a notoriously corrupt Philly cop. However, this morning, we learned that Meek’s request for a new trial was denied by the presiding judge in the case.

According to FOX 29 Philadelphia, Meek’s attorney pointed out several credibility issues with Philly officer Reginald Graham, who played a pivotal role in arresting Meek in 2007 on gun and drug charges. According to Okayplayer, Graham is “one of 29 current and former cops the Philadelphia District Attorney has placed on a ‘Do not call’ list, warning prosecutors to keep them off their witness stands following allegations of misconduct.” In a Post-Conviction Relief petition made by Meek’s attorneys, Graham is accused of routinely stealing money from suspects and assaulting suspects, including Meek, allegedly, in 2008. Graham was the only witness during Meek’s 2008 trial, in which he was convicted.

Philly D.A. Larry Krasner’s office agreed to a new trial for Meek on the grounds that the office had “no confidence” in Graham’s testimony. Nevertheless, on Monday, controversial Judge Genece Brinkley expressed in an opinion that Meek had not met his burden of proof in questioning Graham’s credibility, thus denying his request for a new trial.

f you’ve been following the case, you know that Judge Brinkley has been under fire for her conduct during her time presiding over Meek’s case. The accusations against her were so seemingly egregious that many called for her to step down from the case. According to Meek’s attorney, Brinkley allegedly asked the rapper to record a version of Boyz II Men’s hit song “On Bended Knee” and give her a “shout out” on it, in a private message. She was also accused of trying to get Meek to sign a new management deal with an associate of hers. These accusations were made after Brinkley sentenced Meek to 2-4 years in state prison from probation violations, the sentence he was recently released from after serving a few months. Brinkley has denied these allegations and refused to recuse herself.

It seems plausible that Brinkley’s latest decision will only feed the notion that she has a personal vendetta against Meek.

Watch here to see and hear Meek’s first official release since his release from prison, “Stay Woke” featuring Miguel.


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