Judge Refuses To Drop Charges Against Cops In Freddie Gray Case

Judge Refuses To Drop Charges Against Cops In Freddie Gray Case

The Baltimore residents that rose up after the death of Freddie Gray, 25, while in police custody rejoiced are fans of Baltimore City state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby. From her perch, the Black prosecutor brought charges against the police officers that apprehended Gray and threw him in the back of a police van. While Mosby may have admirers among Black Lives Matter supporters, she’s not so loved on the other side. Mosby was at the core of the indicted police officers’ motion to have their charges dropped.

Mosby was in attendance this earlier today as Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams heard the defense’s motions. None of the charged police were present. The two motions made were, “to dismiss the charges due to prosecutorial misconduct by Mosby, and another to have Mosby and the State’s Attorney’s office to be recused from the case.” NBC News reports:

During arguments, defense attorney Andrew Graham, who is representing officer Caesar Goodson, argued that Mosby’s reference to “no justice, no peace” during a May 1st press conference was “essentially a pep rally… to exact vengeance on the six officers by convicting them.”

Mosby’s deputy stated that the defense twisted Mosby’s words.

Nevertheless, Williams denied both motions. The defense then argued that Mosby had “numerous conflicts of interests” when investigating the case, but the notion didn’t sway the judge.

Protesters demonstrated mildly outside the courthouse with signs reading, “Stop racism now” and “Indict, convict, jail.” One was arrested. The focus of the nation should be focused back on Baltimore in the days to come, as proceedings will get underway in Freddie Gray’s murder case.

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