Larry Hoover and Jeff Fort Eat Lunch Together In Prison

Larry Hoover and Jeff Fort Eat Lunch Together In Prison

To understand Chicago as “Chiraq,” you must understand the gangs/organized crime element of the city. Two names that come up immediately in Chicago gang history are Larry Hoover and Jeff Fort. Seen as the “Godfathers of Gangbanging” Hoover was “King” of the Black Gangster Disciple Nation a.k.a. the Folks Nation, and Fort lorded over the Black P Stone Nation. The two have been locked down in ADX Florence supermax prison Hoover is serving six life sentences for a 1997 conviction of conspiracy, extortion, money laundering and running a continuing criminal enterprise for leading the gang from state prison. Fort is down for 80 years based on conspiracy and weapons charges caught in 1997 for plotting attacks in America in exchange for weapons and $2.5 million from Libya. Chicago rapper GLC has confirmed that Hoover and Fort have been transferred out of 23 and 1 lockdown. Furthermore, GLC reports that Hoover and Fort, former rivals have been sitting down to lunch together and leading joint symposiums that promote prosperity and growth.

For a little background, Chicago regarded by many to be the birth place of inner-city gangs or organizations. In Chicago, in the early 60’s, the two top gangs were Jeff Fort’s Blackstone Rangers (later to be called the P. Stones or El Rukns.) and David Barkdale’s Black Disciple Nation. Larry Hoover was running an independent unit, the Gangsters, and both Fort and Barksdale vied for his army to come under their respective umbrellas. Fort approached Hoover first, but Hoover didn’t like the deal and declined. He did accept Barksdale’s offer, which included a position for him as “co-King” of the Disciples. Thus, the Gangster Black Disciples were born.

Hoover and Fort were rivals, naturally, after these events. So, for them to be sharing meals and leading workshops together is monumental. Hopefully good things come forth from this.

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  2. Freejeff-fort

    They both will make a change in the city……to curb some of the violence. respectively, these two men have come a long way………….i believe in reform and a positive transition for theses two………and allah can make that happen.

  3. jarnell smith is jeff ford son thats crazy

  4. JOKER-E

    Truth be told the average man/woman free or bidding can or will never be able to reach or ever understand the wisdom,strength,knowledge,pain or mature humbleness L.H and J.F(gov name) possess. Real men are never too big to listen and learn. Society can’t even begin to understand the damage that is done to a human when they are deprived from the most basic of communication levels for decades upon decades. My hat goes off to the 2 of u and much luv for the wisdom I acquired indirectly from the struggle.

  5. Muss Mustapha El

    First of all Jeff and Larry are not enemies. They both follow Islam and both are working on a common solution to a problem that has got out of hand. It’s the ignorance of the today’s people that have them brothers fucked up…dumb niggas that think this shit is for kids. @CurtisAgee
    Second point is to moral uac…have you ever been to Florence….? Didn’t think so!!!! You go through what is called a step program of you mess up you start over. If they fucking with you because they want you to start over…you gone start over…but once you successfully complete each step you go to gen pop like any other prison. Google is really your best friend. You can learn a lot if you just really sit down and put your mind to it….a man is what he knows what he is told. (Stop gangbanging…start brain banging)(7)

  6. Carmen giles

    August 25,2015 they did eat lunch together. And said it felt great to learn how to walk again….

  7. 9-19-23

  8. Tommy guns

    Love fam. That’s a excellent thing to hear the chief and his comrade are finally outta the hole. Also good to hear that they’ve come to good ends and means with one another after all these years. Love and respect to them both. Ain’t no G’s like D’s. Put it together. L’s

  9. Curtis Agee

    How in the world they let ppl eat at the same table if they know they into it. I wouldn’t eat at the same table with my enemies. Real talk but all do respect for Larry Hoover

  10. Free my KinG!!! 7-4 Til Tha World Blow. B.O.S.

  11. Pancho B

    If they give them a chance they need to augustave colon a chance to get out of the same conditions these fellows were in …… Free Gino


    ADX Florence is a 23 hour a day Super Max Federal Prison……I highly doubt they let inmates eat lunch together, your story is suspect. Where did you get this “info” ? Sounds suspect……..

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